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  • [es-pree de less-ka/-iay] (idiom) A witty remark that occurs to you too late, literally on the way down the stairs. The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations defines esprit de l'escalier as, "An untranslatable phrase, the meaning of which is that one only thinks on one's way downstairs of the smart retort one might have made in the drawing room."


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October 09, 2007


I have never felt more hungry in my life, Claire, and wonder now how can I possibly find such fulfillment.

Swell. Now I want eggs and hash browns too, and it's three in the afternoon here.

So long as you didn't mention Manny's. Don't get me going on that gawd damn Manny's!

oh i know how you feel. i'm always dreaming about oxford and london... i hope you were able to find something in the fridge. :) megxx

Sorry guys! Misery loves company! :)

Poor baby! I feel so sorry for you. In honor of your suffering...I'm going to have breakfast at Hashbrowns soon--another Chicago favorite. Wish I'd taken you there before you left Chicago!They have the most amazing omelettes and sweet potato hashbrowns! You can get seriously hurt on 'em. I miss you!

Most of my nostalgia for Chicago has been booted out by my nostalgia for Japan...but you kicked up some dusty breakfast memories that I haven't picked up in years. We enjoyed quite a few meals at the bottom three restaurants on your list. We used to go to A Taste of Heaven before they moved...then there was some hooha about signage and the policing of noisy children and we never tried out the new place. I will definately find my way up there if we make it back for the holidays. We, of course, keep our children on leashes during restaurant visits, so we should be okay. ;)

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